The External World by David O’Reilly

The External World és un mosaic d’un món surreal, i al tractar-se de múltiples històries dóna la sensació de realisme dins la bogeria. Menció honrífica a Sundance 2011 i moltíssims altres festivals per a aquesta animació d’influència asiàtica.

David O’Reilly havia fet amb un estil similar el curt ‘Please, say something’, amplament difós per internet i que ja havíem pogut vore a principis d’any a Fessols&Naps junt als millors short films of 2010 de shortoftheweek.

Si hi ha algun tag que fa honor a aquest film és Uncategorized, a la fi em serveix no haver-lo borrat mai.

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Top 10 Short Films of 2010// Els millors curts de 2010 segons shortoftheweek

Ja parlàrem de ‘Between bears’, una excel·lent peça. I també havíem vist la introspectiva Old Fangs. A la resta: es troben meravelles en cadascuna.

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Short of the Year: Winner!


Plastic Bag

Drama about Nature in Live-Action
January 30, 2011

Werner Herzog gives voice to a plastic bag’s existential crisis. A very unique and powerful filmmaking statement by celebrated director Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart).




Thriller about Desperation in 3D Animation
January 30, 2011

A lone photographer plays witness to a murder and a chase ensues down a dark urban landscape in this stylized and fast-paced game of cat and mouse.

Between Bears

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
January 30, 2011

Animated minimalism is used to maximum effect in this gorgeous and bizarre short student work from Israel.


Dramedy about Friendship in Stop-Motion
January 30, 2011

Separated by the sea, a unique duo pass along details of their lives through a bottle. An elegiac animation of minimalist perfection.

Old Fangs

Drama about Friendship in Animation
January 30, 2011

Beautiful soft-spoken film about a son’s attempt to reconnect with his estranged father.

Nuit Blanche

Drama about Love in Special FX
January 30, 2011

A passing moment between two strangers becomes unforgettable as this film shows us what love at first sight must truly feel like.

D-I-M, Deus in Machina

Sci-Fi about Redemption in Special FX
January 30, 2011

In a bleak future, a lost soul seeks desperate measures to escape his luck. The punishment if caught? Years spent locked up in his own personal nightmare.

Please Say Something

Drama about Love in 3D Animation
January 30, 2011

Simple, fresh animation about the complex relationship between a cat and mouse.

The Third and the Seventh

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
January 30, 2011

Alex Roman invites us into a surreal world of architecture and light with his stunning mastery of CG.

Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer

Sci-Fi about Crime in Special FX
January 30, 2011

Reporter, Holly Malone, is out to bring down drug lord, Dancoolo, and break the story of her career. It’s a fan film masterpiece with the perfect mix of wacky characters, memorable one-liners, and over-the-top effects.