‘New York in Motion’ Documentary Trailer, by Graham Elliot

Que la indústria audiovisual creix a ritme exponencial ja ho sabem, que els motion graphics han envaït l’internet també, i que Nova Iork és el lloc de la massificació comunicativa. Havia de ser Carrot Pie Films, a l’exili madrileny, qui ens ho recordara.

‘New York in Motion’ és un documental que analitza l’indústria del motion a New York, de la mà de Graham Elliot, atenció a la seua web, que és com la pàgina de Homer.

Segons ells mateixos: “A trailer for the documentary ‘New York in Motion’. A look behind the scenes and screens of NYC’s motion design industry. Director/Producer Graham Elliott interviewed over 50 of the top players in the field. Studios like Psyop, Shilo, Brand New School, 1st AveMachine, TV stations MTV, BET, NBC and Comedy Central and many freelance Designers and Artists. The film takes a snapshot of this thriving industry, with a side glance at the digital democracy that has empowered the individual and collective to make and distribute moving art like never before. All of this stitched together by a love letter to New york”.